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  1. Hi! Thank you very much for this great work! :)

    But I have a problem: Where on FB can I find the file 'Chester Tables 1-5 by Simplan-X'? The link "Facebook Exclusive #17" directs to your start page only. There is no entry with this file.

    Kind regards! :)

    1. Hello, I'm sorry you having trouble. All Exclusive Images In our Facebook Albums contains the URL for the Download. Here are the URL's for all the Chester Tables 1-20

      Chester Tables 1-5:

      Chester Tables 6-10:

      Chester Tables 11-15

      Chester Tables 16-20:

      Again I am sorry you had trouble finding the downloads.


  2. Hello! I love your site so much. I donated the current 6 sets of clothing from RHOWC about 2 weeks ago, but I haven't seen them posted.
    I just wanted to make sure that there wasn't a problem with my upload, if so I will be happy to reload them.

    Also I have made a bunch of recolors of many of the items in these sets would you be interested in those too?
    If so let me know and I will upload them to your mediafire account too.

    Thank you for all your work to get this CC for everyone to share.

    1. Hello Dear,

      Yes sweetie, we got them and we are want to Thank You so much.. With this Artist we have to share his content a little at a time.on the site but we do share them a lot on our Request Page.

      And Yes, if we had the Recolors of them we could actually share them a lot more quicker, and get them out there faster. We will post the Recolor and then link it to the mesh....Which we will post also. So Yes send the recolors and We will get them posted.

      You are so very Welcome. I Love sharing what has been shared with me. I am very fortunate to have those donators/gifters who are willing to share what they have with us. So we can padd them on to the whole sims community.

      Thank You so so Much for sharing these with us. I am so lookikng forward to the recolors as I know a lot of our visitors will. I'm quite anxious to see them :)

      Hugs My Dear

  3. Sorry to ask but...what happened to all the maysims files? Is there any place I can still download them?

    1. Hello Dear,

      Due to a DMCA Complaint made against us by maysims which resulted in the removal of most of her content from our site we no longer post any of them on our site. You can read more about this Here.

      We do still take request. All request are filled using a temporary link or though a temporary text document that has the temporary links listed.

      We are sorry for the Inconvenience.
      Thank You for Understanding

  4. Hello Emma,

    I just wan to say thank you for all your work to get this CC for everyone to share.

    Have a good day.❤

    1. You are so very Welcome My Dear,
      I hope you have a wonderful day also,
      Lots of Hugs
      Emma 💖

  5. Hello, would it be possible for me to have a link to the custom content. I really love this set and I would like to have it avalaible to me in the game.

    1. Hello Dear,

      Hun I will share what I can, but I will need to know what set you are referring to. Can you give the name of the set Please.


    2. Hi,

      We have issued You a Personal Temporary Link. This link is only availabe to You and is accessable for 48 Hours Only.

      Here is Your Personal Temporary Link:!UzhAlbbL!iFltkp7qZt9TnlN4AAl4sBTCExYOZaj0DB0cE6hpXxo

      Please Remember this Link is Temporary. You are free to share this content but please do not share Your Personal Temporary Link as it is just Temporary.

      An ES Team Member

    3. I love all of the content on here. Its so easy to get too! <3

    4. Your Welcome Sweetie,
      It is only going to get Better as we continue with Our Complete Site Update.

  6. May I have a personal link? I tried joining the mailing list but I haven't heard back yet. I wanted the updated wickedwhims and basemental mods please?

  7. Hello Emma! I'm not sure if this is happening on your side too or if it's just on mine, but some Peggyzone pictures are missing and I can't see the picture for the content. Is it just happening to me? Thank you!

    1. I just checked Emma, and a lot of pictures on other artists as well seem to be down?